Craft and Smes VET-NET

Networks and Partnerships of Vocational Education and Training

Craft and SMEs VET NET Community platform is dedicated to build the first European Community of Practice (CoP) focused on C-VET. The project objective is to create a space for a common European perspective about C-Vet. A bottom-up process that involves all the possible interested members: C-VET providers, professional trainees, institutions at regional, national, and European levels. A place to discuss and meet others, to share resources, issues and ideas, a place to attended courses, to improve your skills. You will find here tools, contents, informations, debates, a place to discuss and learn but more then all a place to build with us through your participation.

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Craft and SMEs VET NET Community platform



The project proposes an innovative model of a “Community of VET’s Practices”. The basic structure and program design of the Community are based on the adoption and adaptation of “higher education” models and procedures. 

The main aim of the project is to foster, through a bottom-up process, an European shared vision and specific practical collaborations between VET systems in order to make them more attractive, career oriented, innovative, accessible and flexible; to foster mutual learning, peer counselling, capacity building and exchange of best practices between VET SMEs and Training Networks provided through a Community of practices: a community developed through a virtual learning environment that is based on the mix of formal and informal education.

Support the reform of policies on vocational training