Craft and SMEs VET NET Community platform is dedicated to build the first European Community of Practice (CoP) focused on C-VET. The project objective is to create a space for a common European perspective about C-Vet. A bottom-up process that involves all the possible interested members: C-VET providers, professional trainees, institutions at regional, national, and European levels. A place to discuss and meet others, to share resources, issues and ideas, a place to attended courses, to improve your skills. You will find here tools, contents, information’s, debates, a place to discuss and learn but more then all a place to build with us through your participation.

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The Community development foreseen the following phases:

 Craft & SMEs VET-NET Community development
(Updating: November 2020 – End: December 2021)
The community, that has a specific domain focused on C-VET for adults, will have defined goals such as create an open space to debate and elaborate opinion and possible a common and shared vision about policies on VET in Europe or interactions and exchanges about learning models, tools and methods related also to the future of C-VET. Innovation, collaboration benefits from best practices sharing will be some of the activities of the first European network dedicated to C-VET. Nevertheless, it is important to underline that, even if some, topics, activities, and actions will be defined and planned, any final decision related to the development of community will be, in any case, a community-driven decision. The only possible way for an open, democratic and multi-cultural environment designed to be nurtured by cultural diversity and different organizations’ styles and approaches.

Building of the Sharing Process
(Updating – Start: March 2021 – End: December 2021)
A CoP is based on practices. The practice is a set of frameworks, ideas, tools, information, case stories, documents, learning materials, that community members share. Whereas the domain denotes the topic the community focuses on, the practice is the specific knowledge the community develops, shares, and maintains. The practice includes books, articles, papers, knowledge bases, learning materials, tutorials, a list of websites, and any other resources the members share. These shared resources embody a certain way of behaving, a perspective on problems and ideas, a thinking style, and in some cases an ethical or political View. In this sense practice is a sort of common culture, embodied in shared resources, that binds the community together.

Development of the Collaboration and Consultancy
(Updating – Start: March 2021 – End: December 2021)
The goal of this stage of the Craft and SMEs VET NET community is to develop activities of mutual learning, peer counseling, and capacity building, through a bottom-up process of community growth. In this stage is crucial to develop awareness, trough collaboration activities, that many issues, for examples about vet policies and/or models of governance of VET policies implementation could have common issues in the various regional, national and European contest. From this perspective and to enlarge the Craft and SMEs VET NET community, the core group activities will be also designed to let the peer consultancy become, an information and orientation Desk Service about the use of European funds, transversal, and new skills for VET and other key topics. According to these activities access to 2 e-learning courses will be provided in this section of the virtual learning environment:
– e-learning course on the use of European funds
– e-learning course on Digitalisation

Development of CO-OPERATION
(Updating – Start: April 2021 – End: December 2021)
The goal of this stage of Craft and SMEs VET NET community is to develop long-term activities of cooperation among Craft and SMEs VET NET community members. Craft and SMEs VET NET community members, at this stage, will develop a strong sense of ownership of their domain. They take pride in the ideas they have developed; the guidelines they have written the direction they have pushed their domain and the efficacy of their collective voice. This sense of ownership is the cornerstone to develop cooperation activities among partners. The strong sense of common identity developed is the base to look at each other member as a real partner for concrete projects that may be:

partnership on use of European funds (European projects or cross-border projects etc.)
pilot actions on developments of new learning methods, models, and learning products
map and compare the implementation status of VET policies in Europe to develop a shared and common vision of VET education present and future perspectives challenges and issues that will be gathered in an official paper containing key recommendations for European, national and regional institutions.

A template for building value creation stories will be implemented that will containing stories of “value creation” illustrating the complete process starting from community activities to the final results and outputs.

To carry on all these activities a collective and variable leadership will be selected among the core group members.
For the objectives, steps and actions indicated, will be used the technical tools and environments foreseen for the section “Collaboration” of the platform.