EU closing hybrid Craft and SMEs stakeholders’ Roundtable

"Open dialogue with VET NET providers project community and final key policy recommendations paper"

Rome, MΑRCH 22nd, 2022


Continuing Craft SMEs VET providers impact on many vital challenges as a key element to deal and respond to these challenges: a crucial activity for the future of European SMEs that require a deepened analysis on the training needs and a rapid cross-sector business process transformation of upskill and reskill in order to deal with the new markets and SMEs global value chains, new products/services, demands and issues of a mutated world.

Closing event objectives

In the closing event of Craft and SMEs, as a result of the work of the precedents main events of the projects the final key recommendations paper will be presented and commented at the EU and national political level and among the most distributed SMEs and C-VET European organizations.

The document will be one of the main outputs of the Craft and SMEs Community: a result of the conversation, the interactions, the sharing of ideas, views, and resources that are taking life in Craft and SMEs Vet Net platform:

Additionally, closing event shall serve the scope of examining the impact of VET NET platform on VET community and analyse the outcomes of previous events on C-VET agenda in European level. An evaluation report will be produced as a result of this reflexion.

Finally, the closing recapitalization event will explore future perspectives and the potential further development of C-VET network and collaboration between national and European stakeholders in the field of vocational trainings for crafts and SMEs.

The two sessions of the event will focus on:

  • A debate about the key recommendations and the development of ideas and views about the future EU policies for C-VET for the next few years: funds, tools, and strategies to be implemented.
  • How C-Vet organizations at national deal with the challenges and the future C-VET and how they will improve, enlarge, and empower their networks, continuing the work of Craft and SMEs Community, to strengthen a common C-VET provider shared identity, to have a stronger political voice at local/regional/national/EU level and to improve and innovate their systems.

The results of the discussion will be published as a political proposal for the EU and national policymakers in order to disseminate, strengthen and continue the political discussion in the next year through the empowerment of the CRAFT and SMEs Network in order to contribute to the shaping of the C-VET of the future.

Background C-VET material

A list of background documents dealing with vet policies at the EU level are available in the Craft and SMEs VET NET Community Platform Repository. Please register to the platform to have access to this repository for your better information via the following link

The Craft and SMEs Community platform

Craft and SMEs VET NET Community platform is dedicated to build the first European Community of Practice (CoP) focused on C-VET. The objective is to create a space for a common European perspective about C-VET. A bottom-up process that involves all the possible interested members: C-VET providers, professional trainees, institutions at regional, national, and European levels. A place to discuss and meet others, to share resources, issues, and ideas, a place to attend courses, to improve skills.

The Conference topics will be developed through the Craft and SMEs VET NET Community Platform Forum. Please register to the platform to participate in the above-mentioned dialogue via the following link:

The organizer

The Conference is organized by the five partner organizations of the Craft and SMEs Consortium:

ECIPA Foundation, SME ACADEMY Avignon, Small Enterprises Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals Craftsmen & Merchants (IME GSEVEE), PIMEC, EFQBL in the framework of Crafts and SMEs vocational and educational training network, that is an EU innovative network supported by the EC ERASMUS+ Program.

“Open dialogue with VET NET providers project community and final key policy recommendations paper”


22nd March ROUND TABLE

Introduction, ECIPA CNA CRAFT VET NET   Mr. Luca Reitano ECIPA CNA Foundation (Italy)


“The wealth of networks in vocational training providers for SMEs:  a dialogue national and European SMEs C-VET policy practices recommendations paper”

Speaker nr. 1 Mr. Giuseppe Vivace (ECIPA CNA Foundation Italy)

Speaker nr. 2:  Ms. Silvia Miro (PIMEC, Spain)

Speaker nr. 3:  Mr. Vassilis Siomadis (IMEGSEVEE, Greece)

Speaker nr. 4: Mr. Dimitris Bimpas (SME Academy Avignon, Belgium)

Speaker nr. 5:  Ms.  Pauline Dubois Graffin  (OCOEP, France)

Speaker nr 6.: Mr  Fernando Sigchos Jimenez (European Builders Confederation)

Invited guest:

EU Institution:  Hon. Daniela Rondinelli  (European Parliament)

Conclusion – closing remarks