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Ecipa - Confederal Professional Education Institution For Crafts And Small Business

The CNA works in the field of Vocational and cultural Training of entrepreneurs and employees of companies and SMEs, through its structure called ECIPA Foundation, publicly recognized by the Ministry of Labour, in accordance with L.40/87.

The Foundation contributes to the development and economic promotion of companies and SMEs, through different interventions: studies and research on profiles and professional skills and on the training needs of companies and SMEs; training for entrepreneurs and managers; training for apprentices of companies and SMEs; training for access to professions regulated by national laws; orientation, training, assistance and tutoring for the creation of new companies; orientation and training for the development of equal opportunities; orientation and training for the insertion in the labour market of weak and disadvantaged groups.

ECIPA Foundation is a national network, in a telematic relation with the territorial structures, which share information, knowledge and experiences of the entire Ecipa system. In addition, it is part of a European network, made up of European organizations that operate in their own field of activity, in which they play an active role in carrying out transnational activities.

The Foundation is present throughout the national territory, with a national headquarters and several regional and territorial offices.