Activities Description

The aim of the project is to foster mutual learning, peer counselling, capacity building and exchange of best practices between VET SMEs and Training Networks provided through a virtual learning environment that is based on the mix of formal and informal education.
The virtual environment foreseen both four learning phases and four distinct sections:
Communication: The project’s virtual learning environment should encourage a strategic discussion on future European cooperation between VET SME and craft providers related to outline a series of potential paths - scenarios – pointing towards plausible and consistent pictures of how VET can evolve in the next future depending on today’s decisions and policy choices. Particularly this section should also enable an exchange of mutual help between members on the most relevant problems and possible solutions, related to daily work experiences, about concrete issues and experiences on the introduction of innovation in their national VET systems The goal of this section is to start the community developing and encouraging the peer counselling, mutual help process and mutual multilingual platform networks and links.
Sharing:The project’s virtual learning environment will provide a section to share resources (i.e. project realized, technological tools, documents, etc) from any national experiences to foster the development of innovative VET strategies and activities. In this section a tool box is provided to deposit and share resources in order to accomplish the section goal.
Collaboration: The project environment should encourage the collaboration of the members on specific themes and issues focused on some specific VET topics and sectors (to be defined) through exchange of knowledge, experiences in a perspective of short term collaboration. In this application the term collaboration means action or activities of working with someone to create the necessary knowledge and experience. The collaboration will facilitate cultural change, trying to reduce the separation between study and work, intellectual activity and manual activity, which represents a characteristic trait of the VET system.
Cooperation : In this phase the collaboration it is foster in a long term perspective. The cooperation among the members is focused on set apply and deposit in a repository the best practices. This section is based on more formal and organized learning process. The goal of this section is also to establish partnership among VET Providers on a selected and strategic set of activities and topics like:

  • A labour market driven VET provision: in a scenario where technological and social changes requires to prepare people not only for existing jobs but also for future employments and job creation there is the need to develops a flexible C-VET system more open in terms of provisions trough new form of digital learning, blended learning, internationalization strategies, etc.
  • Innovative didactical models and technologies in order to make VET more flexible and accessible
  • Competences of trainers, teacher and VET professionals
  • Expertise on the effective use of European funding instruments